Skiers at Big Squaw Mountain

It is good to see Big Squaw Mountain open and people skiing!

I was able to get some shots of the course set up for the team.  The course looked fast with packed snow…

hope they had some “good times“!

Big Squaw Mtn. Race Course

Big Squaw Mountain Ski Area

The views from the slopes of the mountain (which is also referred to as Big Moose Mountain) are of Moosehead Lake and surrounding mountain ranges.   They are spectacular!   Skiing on weekends is just one of the many activities that

Moosehead Lake and Greenville have to offer.

Snowmobiling is the #1 past time up here…if you don’t have a snowmobile we have businesses that specialize in renting you everything you will need…plus a guide if you want one.

A vacation in New England would not be complete without trying your hand at Ice Fishing…how many people do you know that have actually tried it?!  We have guides that will take care of all the details…even pick you up at our doorstep.

Dog-sledding is another one of those experiences that you can only do in a northern climate…it is one of the most relaxing ways to go sightseeing!

Some of our guests have gone snow-shoeing and have had a moose sighting…moose safaris are the #1 requested excursion in the spring, summer & fall.

Let us plan a Winter Wonderland for you!

Cars, Trucks & Ice Shacks “ON” Moosehead Lake

The Ice Fishing Derby started last night and will be continuing into tomorrow.  Moosehead Lake is so vast that the fishermen are spread out over the 44 miles of the  lake.  We took a ride earlier today to see some of the fishing going on.  There were many ice shacks on various coves which can only be reached by snowmobile or driving a vehicle on the lake.  The ice on the lake can get up to 3 feet thick, so it is a common sight to see cars & trucks on the lake.  There are Ice Races on The West Cove of the lake with various vehicles being used, which should be starting soon.

These pictures are in Rockwood with Mt. Kineo in the background.  On Mt. Kineo you can see a frozen waterfall.  In the summer and fall this is a popular hiking trail.

Ice shack & vehicles on Moosehead Lake

Mt. Kineo and Ice Shacks

Bald Eagles “Hangin’ Out” at the Ice Shack

Today we saw these two bald eagles close to an ice shack.  The one on the left is clearly a mature bald eagle and we think the one on the right is a younger one.

We have been having fun with some possible conversations between them (The one on the left is speaking):

“So…you keep a look-out, and I’ll find a way in.”

“Do ya think they got any bait in there?”

“I know that I’ve seen fish come out of there…”

"You be the look-out and I'll find a way in..."

"Do you think there's any bait in there?"

"I know I've seen fish coming out of there..."

Look at All Those Snowmobilers!

Driving around Greenville and Moosehead Lake, Maine, you’ll see  snowmobiles everywhere.   The snowmobilers are out in force and are taking advantage of the excellent trails.

We have been blessed with so much Snow
that all the winter sports

are being enjoyed to the max!

The East and West Coves of Moosehead Lake are each looking like parking lots

(for snowmobiles!)

Snowmobiles Parked on East Cove of Moosehead Lake

Snowmobiles Parked on West Cove of Moosehead Lake

Snowmobilers "Zipping-along" on Moosehead Lake

Are YOU ready to have some fun?

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Ice Fishing on Moosehead Lake

There were many snowmobilers and ice fisherman today on Moosehead LakeIce fishing is a very popular sport up here in northern Maine and there were many out there today.  These are some folks fishing with their ice shacks.

No… it isn’t the movie “Grumpier Old Men”…but it is pretty close!

Ice Fishing and Snowmobiling on Moosehead Lake, Maine

There is so much to do in Greenville, Maine…

Contact us and let us arrange Ice Fishing, Dog Sledding, Snow Shoeing, or Snowmobiling Packages

Greenville Inn on the Front Page of Newspaper

Get the latest edition of the Moosehead Messenger…you will see Terry’s photo of

“The Greenville Inn at Twilight During a Snowstorm” on the front page….

what an honor!

The Moosehead Messenger is a local newspaper located in Greenville, Maine.

Twilight Snowstorm Enhances the Magic of the Greenville Inn

So much going on at Moosehead Lake, Maine…keep current with all the latest & upcoming events, news on snowmobiling, ice fishing, dog sledding, moose sightings…with The Moosehead Messenger and Up North Magazine.

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The Mountains are Back!

We are still getting “snow showers” but we can see the Moose Mountain Range and Moosehead Lake again.

With the sun peeking in and out, the snow is melting off our roof and is making some pretty spectacular icicles!  Visit the area & enjoy the views!


Some "cool" icicles

The Katahdin & the East Cove

Mountains & Lake Back In View!


Snowfest -The Moosehead Lake Region has 2 weeks of winter fun activities!    Most activites take place just one block away!

Some of the scheduled events around Greenville are:

February 6, 2010 at 9:00 AM

30 Mile  Sled Dog Race

Hundreds of Sled dogs and their mushers will head to Greenville, Maine for this race. Experienced dog teams travel from all over New England and Canada to participate in one of only three distance sled dog races in the region. Spectators are invited to meet the mushers & teams at the  IF&W lot on Village Street in Greenville or at one of many viewing sites.

February 7, 2010 at 8:30 AM
Family Ice Day at Sawyer Pond
Want to learn to ice fish?  Learn the basic skills required to catch fish under the ice.  Bring warm clothes and your fishing license.Fishing equipment will be supplied or you can bring your own. Hot food and drinks will be provided. Participation is limited so call and leave your name, number of participants and your telephone number. Call:  Sally Tournquist 207-280-0990

fish tale

This is no "Fish Tale"!

February 12, 2010 at 5:30 PM
Moosehead Riders Chili/Chowder and more Cookoff
Annual cook-off featuring many of our best local chefs.


February 14, 2010 at 1:00 PM
Annual Moosehead Lake Chocolate Festival
A tantalizingly delicious event sponsored by the Moosehead Chamber of Commerce. A great place to take the whole family. Choose 12 samples from a selection of 30 delectable chocolate desserts. For the kids there is a special Children’s corner with unique food & prizes. And, as always, you can place a bid on the great items in our Silent & Chinese Auction.

Chocolate Delights

Chocolate Temptations

February 18, 2010 at 10:00 AM
Horse/Wagon Ride-Fireworks and Fun
Horse/wagon ride starts at 10 to about 2. There will also be a clown, jugglers and face painting at the Museum with free hot chocolate at Auntie M’s. Later that evening will be fireworks on the ice by the Forestry Dept. All is free and sponsored by J&L Waitkus.

Location:  Katahdin Parking Lot & Museum (right below us)


February 19, 2010 at  7:00 PM

Snowmobile Ride and Bonfire

at the East Cove of Moosehead Lake

East Cove of Moosehead Lake

100 Mile Sled Dog Race

The 100 Mile Wilderness Sled Dog Race is on Feb. 6th.  The is an anuual event, as long as they have snow…that is not going to be a problem this year!

The race starts in Greenville, Maine, 1 block below us in the Katahdin’s parking lot…it is alot of fun to view. There is a list of places to view the progress of the race.

Don’t miss this great event!  You might decide to try a guided Dog Sled Trip!

The Moosehead Lake area has world-class snowmobiling, ice fishing and snow-shoeing…so much to do…and after the latest snowstorm….boy, do we have the SNOW!

Experience Moosehead Lake

dog sledding

Dog Sledding

Snowstorm at Twilight

I’ve been waiting to get a twilight photo of the inn before we take down the Christmas Lights so I went out in the snow one more time…snow is pretty deep…we think we got about 8 or 9 inches so far today…and it is going to keep snowing until tomorrow?

Lots of snow for all the winter sports…actually everytime we get new snow, it just “looks prettier”…I know all the sports enthusiasts are thrilled about all this white stuff…but I just like the fresh, white, clean look.  Eventually, we will have to put up with the snow getting dirty looking in the Spring, but maybe for now we’ll keep getting small snowfalls that will clean it up every couple of days!

These will be my last pictures until it stops snowing…check back with me tomorrow.

Christmas Lights in the Snow

Christmas Lights in the Snow

Snowstorm at Twilight

Snowstorm at Twilight