How did we ever function without “spell-check”?

We proofread, proofread, proofread!  In this day and age of “quick-delivery” emails, I find myself always in a hurry to send them out.  Ultimately, this leads to misspellings, which mortify me (remember, I am a retired teacher).  I also think when we wrote in “long-hand”, we proofed our work as we wrote, so mistakes were caught in the actual writing process.

I have to force myself to rely more on spell-check or return to the draft a day or two later to reread the work with “fresh-eyes”.   It is always a good idea to get someone else to proofread.

Today, after I sent out our latest Constantcontact.com email, I realized that I had misspelled Massachusetts, Katahdin, and had used “chose” instead of “choose”.  Actually, spell-check would only have found the Massachusetts mistake, but no excuses…

So, to all our Massachusetts’ guests…we really do know how to spell your state and the misspelling is not an indication of how much we value you!

Constant Contact doesn’t have an automatic spell-check feature like WordPress and Microsoft Word, so in the future, I will have to make sure to copy and paste the text into Word before the email is sent out.  It seems when we are writing these mass emails, that we become too concerned about the links, photos and intended content, so spelling and grammar may become less of a priority.

Although, no one contacted us about the misspellings (everyone is probably too polite), we want all our communications with our contacts to reflect the professional manner in which we try to conduct our business!

Okay, now I feel better…I just couldn’t stand the thought of those mistakes not being addressed!

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