Finally…Sunny and Warm!!

We ended up having a perfect 4th of July and our guests truly had fabulous views of the fireworks.  Greenville put on a wonderful display this year.  It was  fun listening to all the “oohs and aahs”…the horns honking and the cheers from the crowds below us showing their appreciation after the finale.  Fireworks on the 4th always choke me up…I guess because I have realized over the years how important it is to celebrate our amazing country and all that it stands for.   It was a pleasure filling up the restaurant and then enjoying such an awesome display of patriotism with everyone.  Thanks, Greenville!

Today’s weather was simply gorgeous and the forecast for this weekend is for more of the same…well, it is about time!

Jeff planted 6 new apple trees in the lower field and we are planning to put in even more…our own orchard! We have Macinotsh and Cortlands…not only will they look lovely…we will get some great apples in a few years.  The mature trees that we already have are producing alot of fruit that we will use this fall.

Jeff is also starting seven grape vines in the lower field.  A vineyard…all kinds of possibilities spring to mind!!  At the very least, we will make some jam and preserves when they start bearing fruit.  Pretty cool looking too!  We toured many of the vineyards at Napa in 2007 which sparked the idea of utilizing our lower field.   As soon as he has everything planted, I’ll post a photo.   Let us know if you have any hints or suggestions.

Jeff’s vegetable garden is doing very well…he has informed the chef that he will have squash in a week!  Tomato plants are doing great in spite of all the rain.   A few days like today will really make everything explode!

Fireworks Display at Moosehead Lake


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